Coffee Spotlight- Ethiopia Hambela Wamena Natural

We have recently released a lovely and special coffee from the Oromia Region of Ethiopia. Originating from the Hambela Wamena District in the Guji Zone, this lot is a naturally processed coffee bursting with delicious and complex fruited notes. 

The lot is built from local farmers' cherry to the Hambela Dimtu washing station, which is owned and operated by Aklilu Kassa & Biniam Aklilu Kassa. Their family has been farming coffee, among other crops, for four generations. Attention to detail comes to mind when considering a naturally processed coffee, because they require the utmost care to prevent over-fermentation and uneven drying. This lot is refined in every way, showcasing multiple layers of complex aroma and flavor. The seeds have been separated to include screen sizes 13/14, which are on the small end of the spectrum. Why is this important? Separating by screen size allows for consistency in the total mass for roasting and brewing. It also allows for the exploration of flavor differences based on screen separation. This particular 13/14 screen separation produced massive flavors and a beautiful acidity. 



Here are some quick brewing suggestions:

Kalita Wave- 1:15 ratio/ 2:45 brew time

Espresso: 1:1.8 ratio/ 24-27 seconds brew time