Hello and welcome!

Welcome to Terrain Coffee Project, where you can discover the taste of place with our vibrant single-origin, blended and decaf coffees. Terrain is dedicated to sourcing and roasting delicious coffees that connect the place and people with you. 

My name is Marty Lopes, and I have been lucky enough to work in coffee for almost 15 years. My journey started in the music industry, playing drums and percussion and eventually to studying recording technology. Working with coffee was just a job until it quickly became a passion as soon as I was exposed to good coffee that was roasted properly. The idea of craft never had so much meaning to me before, and it brought about an immediate change in my focus. Developing was the desire to understand as much as possible about coffee and how it connected me to people and places across the globe. 

The amount of people involved in every cup of coffee is staggering. It takes an entire year to form the seed we grind every morning to awaken, inspire, and connect ourselves with each other. My absolute pleasure is getting to share special coffees and experiences with you, from amazing and special people who ensure and produce the magical seeds that create our most prized elixir. 

Thank you for finding your way here,