Bolivia Ernesto Mamani

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lychee, plum, walnut

Producer: Ernesto Mamani

Area: Caranavi, La Paz

Altitude: 1,497 meters

Variety: Red Catuai

Processing: Honey Process

Bolivia remains a producing origin with amazing potential and challenging circumstances for specialty coffee. Preparing coffee for export is difficult, as the coffee producing regions are inland and require much effort to shepherd them into export. Despite the obstacles, there is a rich tradition of coffee cultivation here and this lot represents a delicious high point of Bolivian coffees. Located near Caranavi, the 6 hectare farm called La Esperanza is owned and operated by Ernesto Mamani. With over 50 years of family experience in coffee cultivation in the region, this Red Catuai lot is harvested when perfectly ripe, pulped and immediately sent to dry on raised beds. This honey process saves on the extremely valuable fresh water and adds layers of sweetness to an already delicious cup profile.