Colombia El Mirador Geisha

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jasmine, kiwi, taffy

Producer: Segundo Lasso

Area: La Argentina, Las Toldas, Huila

Altitude: 1,800-1,900 meters

Variety: Geisha

Processing: Washed, sun dried in raised parabolic beds 

Finca El Mirador is owned and operated by Segundo Lasso, a man of great knowledge with family history of coffee production and land stewardship. While producing mostly Caturra on the land, there are plots of special varieties, including this spectacular Geisha lot. Cherries are hand picked at the peak of ripeness, where fermentation takes place in plastic tanks for around 12 hours. After fermentation has completed, the coffee is transferred to raised beds under solar cover to maintain even and controlled drying for 15-25 days. Conditions are ideal in the Argentina Municipality of Huila for excellent coffee quality. Altitudes are around 1800-1900 meters for El Mirador which have contributed to the intense flavor development. The cup presents a bounty of floral notes, delivering a fresh bouquet of flowers to the nose immediately. The aroma softens and offers a glimpse into the deep sweetness of the flavor, with honeysuckle and lime zest also in the mix. Juicy kiwi fruit tones glide across the palate and a refined sugar sweetness leaves you thinking of taffy on the aftertaste.