Ethiopia Qirtira Goyo

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mandarin, jasmine, raw honey

Producer: Small lot holders in Qirtira Goyo village

Area: Qirtira Goyo village, Hambela Wamena woreda, Guji Zone

Altitude: 1,950- 2,200 meters

Variety: Landrace Ethiopian

Processing: Fully washed, sun-dried on raised beds

Qirtira Goyo is a village that lies in the Hambela Wamena Woreda of the Guji Zone in Ethiopia, where landrace varieties are grown from 1,950- 2,200 meters. Cherries are harvested and processed at the local washing station, Gemede Dekama. Due to the close proximity of the station to the village, cherry is picked at peak ripeness and moved immediately to the processing facility to begin the preservation for maximum flavor. The cup shows this effort, with rewards of intense aromatics and a juiciness of fresh fruit that is intensified by elegant floral notes. I truly find this coffee joyful and uplifting.