Ethiopia Yukro

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lemon-lime, apricot, jasmine

Producer: Small holders contributing to Kata Mudugu Union

Area: Agaro Gera, Jimma

Altitude: 2,000 meters

Variety: Heirloom 

Processing: Fully washed

Yukro is back once again, and this lot is another beautiful sample of the incredible produce that comes from here, especially when given the utmost care. Yukro washing station is owned and overseen by the Kata Mudugu Union, which is dedicated ti serving and improving the lives of its members through high premiums for high quality. The extra steps taken to improve and preserve quality are commendable here, but the proof is packed inside these beautiful seeds, a flavor explosion just waiting to be released. This year's lot has potent floral aromas and a signature citric acidity to make your taste buds dance across your tongue.