Honduras Finca Cascaritas

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raspberry, cherry yogurt, rum

Producer: Hidardo Hernandez

Area: Mercedes

Altitude: 1,300-1,350 meters

Variety: Parainema 

Processing: Anaerobic Natural

With great pride we share the amazing work of the Hernandez family of the Mercedes region of Honduras. Hidardo, the son of Delmy and Moises Hernandez, is the founder of CAFESMO, the exporting group of this and other wonderful coffees. We came across CAFESMO through friends online, and the rest is history. This particular lot shows the innovation and attention to detail needed to make truly unique and special coffees. Hidardo is young and enterprising, understanding the potential of his produce and working diligently to maximize all aspects of what is naturally available. This lot composed of the Parainema variety and is processed as an anaerobic natural. The slow and controlled fermentation creates an environment where acid chains can form as lactic and malic, creating a creamy and juicy-fruity flavor experience.