Peru Percy Rojas Torres

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raspberry, honey, nectarine

Producer: Percy Rojas Torres

Area: Coipa, San Ignacio

Altitude: 1,971 meters

Variety: Caturra, Bourbon

Processing: Fully washed

Percy Rojas Torres is the producer of this beautiful lot, cultivated in the Coipa district of the San Ignacio province in Cajamarca, Peru. Senor Torres belongs to the Santuario cooperative, which has grown in size considerably since it's beginning only a few years ago. Now serving 360 members, Santuario provides assistance in many ways to aid producers in receiving the highest premiums for their crops, led by quality and sustainability. This particular lot from Senor Torres' farm, is grown at 1,971 meters and features Caturra and Bourbon varieties. Ripe fruits are harvested, pupled, wet fermented for 12-25 hours and then dried on raised parabolic beds. The cups holds an incredible sweetness and clarity of acidity, you may re-think your idea of what coffee from Peru can taste like.