Peru Ronal Carranza Montenegro

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nectarine, mango, butterscotch

Producers: Ronal Carranza Montenegro

Area: Utcubamba, Amazonas, Peru

Altitude:1,700 meters

Variety: Bourbon, Gesha, Pache

Processing: Fully washed

Ronal Carranza Montenegro is one of the founding members of a cooperative called JUMARP in the Amazonas area of northern Peru. Ronal has been working in coffee production all of his life, and in 2003 formed JUMARP with 35 other smallholder producers. They wanted a better way to market their product and to work in harmony with nature. Their efforts in sustainable agriculture are in response to the heavy agro-chemical days of post 1950's. Ronal's coffee grows at 1,700 meters and consists of Bourbon, Gesha, and Pache varieties. Fermentation lasts 15-30 hours, and drying occurs for 10-15 days on raised beds. The coffees grown in this area are part of what is called the "Selva Alta", which is a unique microclimate found in dense, humid forests in Mexico and Peru.