The Blend Roule

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clementine, watermelon

Producers: Palmichal, San Antonio

Areas: Inza Cauca, Colombia and Narino Colombia

Altitude:1,600-1,800 meters

Variety: Caturra, Colombia Cultivars

Processing: Fully washed and Natural Sun-Dried

Terrain Coffee Project and Roule Cycling share a commitment to connectedness and community. Those values drive us to invest in our fellow humans and create opportunities for others to join in.  That's why we have created The Blend Roule.

With every bag of The Blend Roule purchased, we will donate 10% of sales to a non-profit that is making an impact.

Individually, we can make a difference. Together, we can create change.

Current Organization: Mental health is a huge part of Roule's story, and so many people have turned to cycling over the years in order to help them in their fight against depression and anxiety. ASHA International's mission is to promote personal, organizational and community wellness through mental health education, training and support. Read more about the organization here: