Colombia Buenavista Anserma

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honeysuckle, peach, maple

Producer: Luz Angela Martinez

Area: Anserma, Caldas

Altitude: 1,721 meters

Variety: Castillo

Processing: Fully washed

Luz Angela Martinez owns and operates Finca Buenavista in Anserma, Caldas, Colombia. As a young owner of a Finca, she is committed to quality and to uphold her family's legacy of coffee. Her father has organized a cooperative in Caldas for many years, and has passed down all of his knowledge to Luz. The finca resides at 1,721 meters and is planted with Castillo variety. The ripest cherries are selected for processing, where they are de pulped, dry fermented and fully washed. The cup is crisp, sweet and full- flavored, a shining example of quality Colombian coffee.