Colombia El Mirador Tabi

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mineral water, papaya, sweet herbs

Producers: ASOBOMBO, Sebastian Ceron, Miller Ome

Area: El Mirador, Huila

Altitude: 1,670-1,950 meters

Variety: Tabi

Processing: Washed

Located in the Huila department of west-central Colombia, the El Mirador region contains the Magdalena valley. Nestled in the Andes mountains, the valley is fed by the Magdalena river which creates an ideal climate for the Tabi variety to thrive. This particular micro lot is overseen by two professionals, Sebastian Ceron and Miller Ome. They have dedicated a great amount of time to help develop the highest quality from the variety, which is a hybrid cross to stabilize flavor and increase pest and disease resistance. This distinctive coffee offers a cup profile that is rich in notes of tropical fruits, fresh sweet herbs and a sparkling effervescence and flavor of mineral water.