Colombia Las Flores Pink Bourbon

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raspberry, papaya, lemon-lime

Producers: Johan Manuel Vergara Ayure

Area: Acevedo, San Isidro, Colombia

Altitude: 1,730 meters

Variety: Pink Bourbon

Processing: Washed

Las Flores resides in the municipality of Acevedo near the village of San Isidro. Coffees are cultivated at an average of 1,730 meters and range in variety. Owned by Johan Manuel Vergara Ayure, this finca was taken over in 1990 by his mother who began the long term strategy to produce top grade specialty coffees. The finca  produces exotic varieties and specialize in dedicated processing methods to achieve maximum flavor development. This lot is the Pink Bourbon cultivar, which has been fermented for 24 hours in-cherry, then fully washed and dried on raised beds. The cup profile is unique, boasting delicate rose petal aromatics and a juicy, sweet-tart honeycrisp apple acidity.