Colombia Samaria

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apple, brown sugar, fig

Producer: Finca Samaria

Area: Risaraldra

Altitude: 1,500 meters

Variety: Tabi

Processing: Fully Washed 

Finca Samaria is located in the department of Risaraldra and is the result of a tremendous effort to build and stabilize an entire area through coffee production. Two friends and entrepreneurs made their claim here in 1934, Sr. Gerardo Mesa and Sra. Enriqueta Ceballos. Starting with one small plot of land, the two added neighboring pieces of land and eventually ended up with a large operation, which is consolidated under Finca Samaria. This particular lot is the Tabi variety, a recent arrival to the specialty coffee world which is a cross between Bourbon and Timor. The cup holds a refined sweetness and acidity complex, with a soft and subtle creamy texture.