Colombia Samaria

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caramel, apple, allspice

Producers: Various producers 

Area: Risaraldra

Altitude: 1,500 meters

Variety: Castillo, Catutta, Tabi

Processing: Fully washed

Finca Samaria is located in the Risaraldra department of Colombia, and the farm has a long history associated with it. In 1934, two immigrants came from Jardin de Antioquia and saw the potential for quality agricultural enterprises, with coffee as the staple crop. Their work to develop the land and local economy has persisted and now, four generations later the production of beautiful coffee continues. Finca Samaria has altitudes ranging from 1,000 to 2,000 meters, where coffee predominantly grows at 1,500 meters. Castillo, Caturra and Tabi cultivars compose the lot. After picking and selection, the fruit is floated to remove under ripe cherries. Dry fermentation occurs for roughly 24 hours, and then the coffee is washed in tanks with water from a spring that flows through the farm. Drying the coffee happens on a patio with a movable roof to protect the coffee from rain and to ensure the ideal environment for drying.