Ecuador Galo Morales

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golden raisin, caramel, cream

Producers: Galo Morales, Maria Alexandra

Area: San Jose De Minas, Pichincha, Ecuador

Altitude: 1,350 meters

Variety: Caturra

Processing: Macerated Honey

We are thrilled to share the work of Galo Morales at Finca Cruz Loma. Located just Northwest of Quito in the Pichincha region, this straddles the Andes mountains and literally sits on the equator. This produces the opportunity for almost year-round harvesting. Finca Crua Loma is situated at 1350 meters and produces mainly Caturra variety on the 350 hectares owned by Galo and his wife, Maria Alexandra. After the cherries are harvested and pulped, they are wet-fermented for a brief 8 hour period, then transferred to raised drying beds for 22-25 days. This extra cycle creates an added layer of flavor to this unique honey processed lot. We incredibly complex and refined flavors throughout the cup, with consistent notes of golden raisin, caramel and cream.