Ethiopia Damo Shanta Golba

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lime, orange, apricot, sparkling

Producers: Community small lot holders

Area: Bensa, Sidama

Altitude: 1,950- 2,200 meters

Variety: Heirloom

Processing: Washed

As our longtime favorite, Damo once again returns to grace our cups. Located in Bensa Damo Kebele, the Shanta Golba washing station upholds commitments to local producers who seek to gain premiums through quality. Catalyst Coffee has played an important role in offering the premiums to utilize methods and protocols to increase quality and fetch premium prices. This beautiful coffee is composed of small farmer holders cherry that contribute to the mill, around 480 people. A lush environment creates an ideal climate for growing and processing here, adding to the inherent qualities of the final product. The result is a stunning group of flavors that offer notes of key lime, orange and apricot, with a sparkling presence and refreshing acidity.