Ethiopia Damo Washed

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peach, orange, grapefruit

Producers: Asefa Dukamo

Area: Damo Village, Bensa District, Sidama Zone

Altitude: 1,900- 2,100 meters

Variety: Heirloom and locally named Setami and Mikicho 

Processing: Washed

Returning for the second season, another exceptional lot of washed coffee will grace your cups. Asefa Dukamo is the enterprising young owner of Damo washing station, and the commitment level to producing top quality coffee here is astounding. There are several pre processing measures in place that ensure only the most flavorful fruits will pass through. Premiums are 20-30% higher here, which incentivizes the producers significantly. In return, we are lucky enough to experience the quality level set forth at Damo. In the cup, you'll find complex and lasting notes like peach, orange and grapefruit.