Ethiopia Damo- Washed

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mango, orange marmalade, honey

Producers: Asefa Dukamo and local farmers

Area: Damo Village, Bensa District, Sidama Zone

Altitude: 1,900- 2,100 meters

Variety: Heirloom and locally named Setami and Mikicho 

Processing: Washed

Damo is here again for our third season, and has become our legacy coffee quite swiftly. Our first offering from the site this year is the washed lot, which offers everything you could hope for from a washed coffee. Impressive floral aromas, sweet fruits and a lasting and complex acidity that make for a delicious cup every time. Our great friends at Catalyst Trade have again gone the extra mile to ensure premiums are met for quality lots, and I know you will love this coffee. The cherry for the washed lot begins with pulping to remove the skin and separate the seeds. The mass of seeds is transferred to the fermentation tanks and filled with fresh water from the local Qonqona River. The fermentation process takes a minimum of 48-72 hours and the water is refreshed 3 times in that period. The slow fermentation is aided by tin metal roofing over the tanks to keep the heat manageable as well as to prevent contamination from possible rains. This extended and controlled part of the process delivers an exceptional cup quality. The drying occurs on raised beds under mesh shade, which at 12-14 days perfectly seals in the delicious flavors from the fruit.