Ethiopia Meselch Tube

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concord grape, acai, caramel

Producers: Meselech Tube

Area: Shantawene Village, Bensa District, Sidama Zone

Altitude: 1,966 meters

Variety: 74158 & 74160

Processing: Natural sun dried

Meselech Tube owns and oversees the operations on her 6 hectare farm in Shantawene, Bensa, Sidama. She employees up to 60 seasonal workers to assist in the harvest process. There is a complete dedication and commitment to the coffees and the quality of the finished product here, which is evident through every interaction with the coffee itself.  There is an intriguing and satisfying perfumed floral aroma to the coffee, alongside a rich and sweet developed caramel that hints at the many natural sugars present that have caramelized during the roasting process. We have been lucky to source this lot through Catalyst Trade, who have also brought us the coffees of Damo, which are closely related. This particular lot is selected for the ripest fruits and massed on raised drying beds for 15-21 days post picking. The result is a decadent cup with graceful notes of concord grape, acai and caramel.