Ethiopia Nansebo Worka

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jasmine, apricot, papaya

Producers: Zenebe Genale

Area: Tula Gola Village, Nansebo District, Oromia Region

Altitude: 1,723-1,900 meters

Variety: Heirloom 

Processing: Washed

We are very excited to share our first offering from the Nansebo District of the Oromia region in Ethiopia. This washing station in particular is quite remote and only produces washed coffees. With strict protocols in place for top quality, the evidence is quite apparent in the cup. The heirloom varieties are grown in loamy clay soil at an altitude of 1,723-1,900 meters here, and production is overseen by the owner of the washing station, Zenebe Genale. With an eye for detail and a lifetime of coffee knowledge, Zenebe has set a new standard. The coffees are handled so carefully, the freshness of flavor abounds with notes of jasmine, apricot and papaya.