Ethiopia Sareji

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vanilla, lemon zest, apricot jam

Producers: Various producers 

Area: Sareji Abude Madena Village, Guji Zone

Altitude: 2,005- 2,100 meters

Variety: Local Heirloom

Processing: Fully washed

This lot represents coffees from the Sareji Abude Madena village, which is located in the Bule Hora district of west Guji in Ethiopia. Cherry comes from about 95 growers, each with a small plot, usually .5-2 hectares in size and is washed and dried at the Mekonissa washing station. Mekonissa is owned and operated by Aklilu Kassa and Biniyam Aklilu Kassa, who also own several other washing stations in Ethiopia. Once the cherry has arrived to the mill and accepted for ripe fruit only, the cherries are depulped and washed with water from a nearby river.  Once they are washed, they are fermented for 16-48 hours, and then finally dried on raised beds under meticulous protocols to ensure even and proper drying. The cups is bursting with elegant floral aromas and the sparkling aftertaste one would expect from washed coffees from Ethiopia.