Ethiopia Wush Wush

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almond, pomelo, raw honey

Producer: Dinkalem Ademe

Area: Ginbo, Keffa

Altitude: 1,850-1,950 meters

Variety: Landrace varieties

Processing: Washed

Wush Wush comes from the village of the same name, located in the Ginbo District of the Keffa Zone. The particular lot we are sharing is a day lot, meaning the coffee separated to create this batch came from cherries all harvested on the same day. This is a typical procedure for mill operations, with quality control in mind and of course, data tracking for analysis. Typically these day lots are blended to achieve overall consistency after they have been processed fully. However, if you're lucky enough to try these day lots separately you'd find the articulated flavors that truly define a taste of place. Coffees here are grown between 1,850-1,950 meters with Landrace varieties comprising the majority of seed types. Dinkalem Ademe owns and operates the mill here, where he and his neighbors grow in typical smallholder fashion. The cup profile of this washed process lot is refreshing and sweet, showcasing the dynamic sweetness and acidity of the land and varieties.