Guatemala La Pia-Orange Bourbon

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honey, orange blossom, cacao nib

Producers: Senor Victor Calderon 

Area: Palencia, Fraijanes

Altitude: 1,700-1,800 meters

Variety: Orange Bourbon

Processing: Fully washed

Senor Victor Calderon purchased La Pia in 2000 with a clear vision of growing excellent produce. Avocados are also grown here, which benefit the coffee shrubs by providing shade. Senor Calderon comes from a long line of coffee producers, dating back to the beginning of commercial coffee plantations in Guatemala, around 1885. The coffee at La Pia is grown at an elevation of 1,700-1,800 meters and is fed with Lombricompost, a mixture of California red worm composted material, manure, and nitrogen fixing plants. This lot, called Orange Crush, is made up of the Orange Bourbon variety. The coffee is fed and washed with 100% potable spring water that runs through the farm. La Pia is also registered as a nature reserve with only partial areas planted for production, leaving a balance with the natural landscape and the forest that envelops the farm. The cup is juicy and sweet with a prolonged finish, a beautiful example of the potential from Palencia, Guatemala.