Mexico San Sebastian

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cinnamon, buttercream, caramel apple

Producer: Small lot holders

Area: San Sebastian Coatlan, Oaxaca

Altitude: 900-1,300 meters

Variety: Bourbon, Caturra, Typica

Processing: washed and sun dried

Deep within the southern state of Oaxaca lies the Sierra Sur region which is home to San Sebastian Coatlan. This lot is comprised of produce from roughly 80 small holder farms that grow, harvest and micro-mill their coffees and deliver to a centralized mill for resting and export. Bourbon, Typica and Caturra varieties make up the cultivated plants and altitudes range from 900-1,300 meters. This coffee defines a quality cup from Oaxaca, showing a heavy tactile sensation with lucious notes of cinnamon, buttercream and caramel apple.