Peru Edward Gonzales

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papaya, melon, cherry

Producer: Edward Gonzales

Area: Huabal, Cajamarca, Peru

Altitude: 1,900 meters

Variety: Typica, Yellow Caturra varieties

Processing: washed

The northwestern region of Cajamarca sits at the northern reaches of the Andes mountains. Here in the village of Huabal, Edward Gonzales produces coffees on his 20 acre farm, Las Huacas. Typica and Yellow Caturra are the varieties selected. Production and processing all happens on site with a micro mill put in place by Edward to adapt farm practices to individual needs. Cherries that are perfectly ripe are macerated to induce fermentation for 24 hours, then floated in fresh water to sort under ripe fruit before pulping. The final seeds are dried on covered raised beds. The result is spectacular, with a cup filled with sweet tropical fruits and a dazzling acidity. We find consistent notes of papaya, melon and cherry.