Uganda Kisinga Natural

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berry syrup, cacao nib, cola

Producers: Bukonzo Farmers Group

Area: Rwenzori, Kasese District

Altitude: 2,100 meters

Variety: SL14/SL28 

Processing: Naturally dried on raised beds

The Rwenzori Mountain range of western Uganda is a stunning landscape, complete with glaciers, snowfields, lakes and rivers that feed the Nile River. Below the highest peaks and alpine zones lies a rainforest, creating a perfect environment to grow Arabica coffee. This beautiful lot is grown by a farming cooperative called the Bukonzo Farmers Group. Each member works small parcels of land, around 2 hectares. The lofty altitude allows for a beautiful acidity to develop in the coffee as well as a rich sweetness. The natural process has lent a graceful dollop of berry-saturated tones, but nothing too intense. This is a very mellow natural, with a clean cup profile and intriguing aftertaste, reminiscent of cola.