Brewing at home with Terrain Coffee

What better time than now to brush up on your favorite single or double serve brew methods? Here are some of our basic recipes for classic methods, as well as a coffee suggestion with each method. As usual, try to grind beans fresh with conical or flat burr grinders. Water quality is essential. Filtered tap water is best. 


French Press (Contour Blend)

Ratio of coffee to water- 1:15.5

Total brew time- 4-5 minutes

Grind- medium coarse

Tips- Pour entire volume of water over grounds and cover with plunger/lid. After 4 minute steep, stir the crust into the brew, replace lid and plunge slowly. Transfer brew out of press into cups or carafe.


Kalita Wave (Papua New Guinea Simbai Balus)

Ratio of coffee to water- 1:16.5

Total brew time- 2:45-3:15

Grind- Medium, medium coarse 

Tips- Kalitas tend to choke when agitated too much. Keep your pour gentle and steady in concentric circles. After the bloom (35-40 seconds) fill the dripper and maintain fill level until total volume is reached.  Only dose 20-22 grams of coffee, max.


Hario V60 (Ethiopia Sareji)

Ratio of coffee to water- 1:16

Total brew time- 3-3:15

Grind- medium, medium coarse

Tips- After bloom, pick up dripper and swirl 2-3 times to saturate all grounds. Next, do a single pour to the final volume, keeping the dripper 2/3 full during the pour.