Terrain/Makeshifter Canvas Travel Kit

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We have teamed up with our pals from Makeshifter Canvas Works to create a one-of-a-kind waxed canvas travel kit. We love to use it as a handy pouch for keeping our Soto dripper and coffee tucked away safely and in style. Included in the kit are one of each:

* Makeshifter All Purpose Pouch in Terrain Colors

* Soto Helix Dripper

* 8 ounces of Contour Blend 

The all purpose pouch is hand-made, coated in delicious smelling beeswax and features merino wool and natural canvas accents. The Soto dripper is collapsible for storage and works with Hario-style 01 filters, which makes the Contour Blend shine out in the wild or on the road!